Ways to Combat Child Trafficking

Ways to Combat Child Trafficking[1]


Muhammad Ridha

Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia

To protect child from external influences is such a problem on today’s’ life. People nowadays are so unpredictable about their real behaviours toward attitudes to another people. Smiles you met along the street, candies you got from a nice grandpa on the way home or even birthday invitation from your school buddy will become the starting point for you getting into the trouble. And that is how most of the children trapped to be sold or you can say it the child trafficking. Then how do we fight it? How to protect our brothers or sisters, daughter or son from child trafficking? There are some visible ways maybe effective to fight child trafficking around us.

That informal education about real life is such a worst knowledge to be taught to children shouldn’t be disputed. As you can see, people now are hardly to be understood from their faces about their intention to others. And world is such a wild jungle to live on, parents realize that for sure. But even they acknowledge it, they tend to ignore and let their children live on their imaginary peaceful and happy-ending life. Children should know about how much danger they receive when facing “stranger” guy, how unsure it would be eating or going somewhere parents don’t know about it, and how pity it would be if they go home, when day is getting dark, alone.

Sorrow, poverty, quarrels or conflicts among parents are some examples of distraction that will result in child trafficking. These factors are main factors why trafficking is invulnerable in history. As time goes by, child trafficking is even becoming a trending topic in life as better education, GDPs, and technologies seems supporting this problem. Indonesian government announced better wealth among Indonesian, but why child trafficking rate is getting higher? It is because poverty still happen, divorces, homeless drifter, and conflicts are still happen. Parents will sell kids if they can’t life their own life because of poverty; they would let their kids away as homeless drifter, and so on. And these are problem that all nations face to struggle. Poverty is needed to be reduced, better health, better education, and better safety and prosperity.

And the last component we could use to fight child trafficking is destroying the source of the demand. Child slavery and trafficking occurs because of the high demand for such services. Facts indicate that almost 30% of sex workers are children. Imagine if the number is representing the percentage of worlds demand, and you’ll find it is such a huge blast. To shrink the number is hard to do. Educations of the danger of unsafe sexual activities, moral cultivation, and religions play great role in preventing and reducing this chaotic situation. And also individual presence of mind will sway the excess of sex workers demand.

In conclusion, tons of things we can do in order to prevent, protect, or struggle against child trafficking.  Informal education, poverty eradication, and slavery demand shrinkage are only a piece of puzzle to solve. We still need ten, hundreds, or even thousands of other piece to solve it. But one thing we have to take into our head that child trafficking is a problem of the whole world, good communication among nations, coordination of each government do, and self-sensitivity among citizens are crucial to lift up our world into a better world. Believe is the keyword.


The next generation of activists and survivors will use their expertise of the Internet and powerful networking tools to counter their predators and fight back to bring hope and an end to child trafficking.

(Lynette Lewis)

[1] Written for MPK Inggris Essay Writing Task.